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About us

Cashew Land is a company established in the year 2006 in the Mombasa, Kenya city of Kilifi. In the initial stages of operation, the company was engaged in procuring raw cashew kernels, processing and packing them into wholesome, hygienic cashew nuts which are outrightly distributed in Kenya, state of Nairobi.



Currently, Cashew Lands runs one Cashew Factory in Kilifi district with large scale production and employs around 300 skilled labours, out of which 95% are female workers. Employee welfare is of utmost priority for the company and we ensure a safe, secure working environment and at the same time make sure to provide all the necessary statutory benefits as per the labour laws of the state.

Cashew Land major strength is its credibility and rigorous quality policy starting from selection process  The company firmly believes in ‘’Quality Vs Quantity policy’’ whereby, the high concentration is on maintaining Quality rather than on Quantities.




We are for conservative attitude towards nature, kindness and attention, and most of all — for excellent quality and superior results! These principles are our focuses, towards which we move and achieve goals.

We aim to be helpful to those who wish to be successful and independent. We actively develop trade relations with medium and large enterprises not only in Kenya but also abroad.


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